Hi, we are Niels and Jaap.

And we are on a mission.

We build and inspire organizations in all areas to make the world a more beautiful and better place. Together we have over 30 years of experience in business development, creative thinking, design thinking, marketing and (product)design.

Future customers, employees and partners are not only looking for reliable, good quality products or services. The demand for the purposeful organization, circular products, and services that contribute to a better world grows. Fast. 

The future of business belongs to organizations that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Great news because a social and sustainable mindset offers many new opportunities for product, service, and business.

Our services

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We support organizations to become more sustainable. In an economic, ecologic and/or social way.  We draw from a long list of concrete ideas, tools, and powerful best practices to inspire organizations and teams to act on sustainability.

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During our workshops we compress work that would usually take months to days to quickly solve daunting challenges by translating it into tangible actions for you, your team, and your organization.

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We love to share our vision on how to create a more sustainable world and a culture to do good. We combine research, trends, success factors, best practices, fuck-ups, myths, and pitfalls that we picked up during our experiments, our assignments and our own discovery of the unknown.

Organizations we worked for

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From initiatives to startups

star-t group


Startup school for newcomers

With STAR/T we support people with a migration background in realising their ambition of starting a business.

Karen Andre de impactaccountant

De Impactaccountant

Make social impact visible

De Impactaccountant helps organizations to increase their impact and to make their impact visible for every stakeholder.

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Sports parks as energyHUB

We want to make sports clubs more sustainable by creating power together and really making a difference.

social impact day twente save the date

Social Impact Day Twente

15th of November 2018

With several partners we organize the event about entrepreneurship with economic and social added value.

Find out what a movement towards sustainability means for your organization.

We're more than happy to start the conversation, say hi!

Drop us a line at info@wearemindt.nl 
Or call us at +316 23537616 (Jaap) or +316 47086606 (Niels).

OK72, Oude Kraan 72, Arnhem
The cee spot, Brouwerijstraat 1, Enschede